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DLNA server over SSH

Accessing a DLNA server running on a Raspberry Pi over SSH by Android

Setup SSH Port Fordwarding on Android

  • Install ConnectBot from the Google Play store
  • Connect to the Raspberry Pi
  • Create a local port forward: port 8200 to localhost:8200 (change localhost to IP of Raspberry Pi if different than ssh server)
  • Setup DLNA client on Android

  • Download and install UPnPlay from the Google Plau Store
  • Connect to local/wifi network that DLNA server is on
  • In UPnPlay settings: allow "WAN Server"
  • When DLNA server is discovered, Long press and select "Clone Wan Server"
  • Now edit Cloned server host and change to localhost.
  • Quit UPnPlay
  • Connect to DLNA server

  • Disconnect from local/wifi network and connect to 3G or different wifi network
  • Launch ConnectBot and login to SSH server
  • Make sure port forwards are active
  • Start UPnPlay and tap on the WAN device. This will create a new device that connects through the ssh tunnel.
  • Now, tap the new device, and use as normal.