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Rooting Vera Home Controllers

Vera Home Controllers are home automation, network-enabled devices made my MiCasaVerde, that allows users to control devices remotely. You can access the device over HTTP without any authentication. (/facepalm)

The device itself runs a modified version OpenWRT 10.03 Backfire.

Getting Root SSH Access

A quick flick through the manual online revealed how to get the root password. (/double facepalm)

  • Account > Tech Support > Enable Tech Support Full Access

  • You will get a msg similar to this:

    Tech support full control enabled, access code xxxxxxxx-xxxxxx. The first part of the access code is the serial number of the device, the last part is a temporary ssh password.

  • login using the username 'remote' and pw from above: ie ssh [email protected]
  • Once logged in, issue the command to reveal the root password: nvram show | grep pass